PSI Audio @ Sochi

PSI Audio won the gold medal for equipping the ice broadcasters

PSI Audio @ Sochi

PSI Audio speakers were the monitor of choice in Sochi for the broadcasters covering the indoor figure skating, speed skating and short track events in the three arena’s Isberg , Adler and Fischt as well as the main opening and closing ceremonies plus two training centres.

Avallon Ltd (PSI Audio distributor in Russia) supplied a total of 24 PSI Audio speakers in both stereo and surround installations.

The decision of choosing the “right” speakers for the job is never easy. The broadcast engineers spent a year evaluating every major brand and model before they came to their decision. They soon discovered that PSI Audio speakers stood out from the rest because of their precise sound, accurate phase response and linearity.

After lengthy listening tests they narrowed it down to 3 brands and the majority of engineers participating in the tests chose PSI Audio as the gold medal winner.

Their decision was made because the entire range of PSI audio speakers from the smaller near field A14-M and A17-M to the larger A21-M and A25-M have the same sound characteristics allowing engineers to work across different systems and easily translate what they are hearing.

“ I was astonished how all the speakers have the same linearity as I went from one studio to another”, said Boris G., engineer of Sochi.

“It only took a day for all the engineers to really get used to the monitoring in each room. Mixing a live event is always a challenge but thanks to these speakers, it was very easy to notice when we had added too much reverb or there was too much compression or just balancing the voice in the mix”.

Because of their low dispersion in horizontal frequencies, installation of PSI Audio speakers was very easy, even if the acoustic of the control room was not 100% perfect.

“It was very comfortable mixing on them so sometimes we totally forgot that we were mixing on loudspeakers at all. They sounded so true and realistic.

Reliability was really important to us. We couldn’t just swap the speakers if there were problems during transmission so reliability was paramount and we knew that PSI audio’s handmade manufacturing would not let us down.

Listening to them at a very low volume or very loud (when the studio was crowded) didn’t influence the sound of what we got from the speakers: they remained very flat and linear at any level.

We had long working days with many hours of mixing but we never found the PSI’s were tiring to work with.

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