Individual Quality Control

Individual Quality Control


A14-M waiting for final check in our anechoic chamber

A14-M waiting for final check in our anechoic chamber

The design and manufacturing process of our products have evolved over time to be able to offer the best possible quality to the user.

Obviously this quality is checked all through the manufacturing process by our trained personnel, but we also have several documented quality control:

Incoming material

After carefully selecting and qualifying the best components to be used in our speakers we continuously check the specification and quality of all components sourced externally. We perform an incoming material test on an individual basis for the most important components such as diaphragms and on a statistical basis for all other components.

Sub-assembly calibration and quality control

Prior to mounting in the cabinets, all sub-assemblies undergo a visual and a physical quality check before being accurately calibrated on and individual basis.

Final calibration and quality control

In the middle of our facility we have built a large anechoic room. It has a volume of 150 cubic metersis 7 meters high and contains 4 tonnes of insulation.
Not product will leave without undergoing thorough audio performance tests in this roomincluding frequency and phase responses, distortion as well as bub & buzz.

The final calibration is done at this stage and each monitor receives a comprehensiveprintout of its measured audio performance curve on the signed warranty card.

Any further adjustment would only spoil the monitor’s calibration. This is why there are no visible adjustments on our monitors. They simply don’t need them and there is no alteration over time either.

Thorough visual quality check is done prior to packing to ensure each monitor is spotless when leaving our factory.

We are proud of each monitor that leaves our factory!
Quality is paramount and constantly in every employees mind. Nevertheless, we have built in several effective quality control systems to ensure there is no possible deviation.


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