The Audiolab – Bernie Gantner

The A25-225 system immediately speeded up my workflow

The Audiolab – Bernie Gantner

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I started with music creation as a producer in the early 90ies, later I worked as a recording and mixing engineer, which I still do occasionally. But, since a few years I concentrate on the last stage of music production – audio mastering.

How and why did you choose PSI Audio monitors?

Searching the perfect monitoring system for my needs took me over 3 years of intensive testing and comparing with other brands and speakers, including the biggest names in the industry. I was looking for a system which is revealing critical areas in mixes, has a flat as possible frequency response, offers precise stereo imaging and true impulse behavior but at the same time is fun to listen to when I’m enjoying a good old record and just listen to music. The PSI 25-225 system won in all those categories.

What are the main advantages of PSI Audio monitors?

The biggest advantage for me with the PSI speakers is to have an accurate and analytical speaker that immediately tells you what’s needed to be done. At the same time this analytical accuracy can be fun, once you’re familiar with it. The A25-225 system immediately speeded up my workflow. I’ve heard a lot of different speakers in my room, but none of them offered what the PSI’s do.

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